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Since 1998 living in London

MA in Psychology (Belgium)

MA in Anthropology (Paris)

MA in Printmaking (RCA London 2008)


Photographer / prints/ painting


2012 Inside Lives Group show The Tabernacle (London)

2009 Photography Exhibition Duque and Pierson Gallery (Brussels)

2009 Painterly photography Viewfinder Photography gallery (London)

2009 Summer show Royal Academy (London)

2008 RCA final show (Tim Award) (London)

2008 Landslide Café gallery project (London)

2007 Summer show Royal Academy (London)

2007 Group show ‘l’Accueil’(Brussels)

2006 Pinocchio related (Academia di belle Arti Venice)

2006 Group show (Jury Award) ‘l’Accueil’ (Brussels)

2005 Anybody Home? XX century Theatre London


Film critique, scriptwriter, filmmaker


1996 About the death of a pig (best documentary Award SCAM))

1995 The Museum

1993 The diving board, (audience Award Tampere, Virton )

1981 Epiderme play (ULB Theatre Brussels) 

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