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“Something in a landscape beats you up

A force, an eclipse and its lightning”

- Thomas Vineau


Bénédicte Emsens is a multi-disciplined artist.


Starting as a film-maker and photographer

she developed her practice to encompass

print making and painting. Her work explores

landscapes inspired by film’s stills, photos

and memory. 


The ‘punctum’ in photography is the point where

the image is (suppressed) catches you, strikes you, ’ hurting you’ (R. Barthe). 

Emsens is preoccupied with landscape and the

physicality of the experience, being caught,

bare foot, ‘body exposed, naked spirit’ (G. Clement) and then to remember…

There is no scale in landscapes, it can be vast and infinite as well as locked up in tiny spaces. Each of her works present a landscape imagined, manifest from another, yet not the former and becoming entirely new and mysterious unto itself.

Every sensation is a possible landscape.

“Landscapes are what we keep in memory when we have stopped looking”

- G.Clement

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